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Common Sense Solutions to Uncommon Problems


We believe in Technology serving your Business needs and not the other way around

At Dark Indigo, we love technology! It's not however the newest gadget that's exciting, but the one that can give us the most practical use. What problem does it solve? And is it really the best solution? We'll have the coolest new hammer in our toolbox but we're not going to use it to turn a tiny screw!

Simple Solutions for Simple problems and tailored solutions for Big ones.

Our Mantra? Common Sense. What is the question you are truly trying to answer? So often people see the symptoms but not the true cause. Our years of experience and breadth of knowledge can help you focus on just the right areas. Once you have the right questions, we will help you come up with a complete solution that makes sense. Our strength lies in creating a high performing team, helping you frame your questions and then your answer using appropriate solutions.

Software As A Service

Through partnerships, we've developed and are running some great SAAS offerings. We are looking for interesting opportunities to grow our portfolio further. If you are interested in building a world class SAAS offering and are in need of deep technical skills, we are just the partner you have been looking for. Our extensive experience will help you navigate this ever more popular medium with ease.

Startup Services

We know Silicon Valley and we know startups. Our years of experience in getting businesses off the ground have taught us many hard lessons. Lessons that we don't believe you need to experience. Whether you are looking for an independent, outside CTO for hire or other specialized technical staffing, we believe we can bring our experience and know-how to the table and help make your business a success.

Enterprise Services

Our deep expertise in enterprise messaging technology, grid systems, machine learning and other large scale technologies makes us an ideal partner for Enterprises who want to bring in part time, serious technical skills. In this ever increasingly complicated world of Big Data, it is extremely hard to keep up on every front. Our extensive experience and ethic of constant learning will bolster your team.